How to use our webfonts

The world wide web using only a handful of fonts is over. We reworked all of our typefaces to be perfectly redable on screen and they are now available for purchase. Besides the good looks, there are many other advances of using webfonts. Text can be marked and copied, is fully indexable by search engines and is of course completely dynamic.

Purchasing Typejockeys webfonts is pretty simple. Installing them doesn’t require you to be programming crack neither. Just follow these few steps to webtypography happy land.

Get yourself some webfonts!

  • Pick the fonts of your desire from our website
  • Select the pageview range of your website.
  • Purchase and download the webfont package.

Protect your purchase from hackers!

  • Open the file htaccess. Replace yourdomain with your domain and edit the country code.
  • Make a webfonts folder in the root folder of your website. Put the file called htaccess into that folder.
  • Rename it into .htaccess

Embed the Webfonts in your website!

  • Upload the font files to the webfonts folder.
  • Open stylesheet.css and paste the code into your CSS file. (Remember to adapt all paths to your needs.)
  • Access the fonts with the font-family attribute.

Enjoy great typography on your website!

  • For further questions please contact us.