Katharina Landl

Not only the way to the heart is through the stomach, also the way to healthiness and joy. That is what Katharina Landl, a qualified nutrition stands for. It isn’t about requirements, bans and rules, cause everyone is different: has got different likes and dislikes, genes, habits, family or professional background.

Katharina Landl supports you with solution-oriented methods for a gradual change of diet and lifestyle. She does workshops, seminars and lectures on the topics of nutrition and healthiness, as well as individual nutrition counseling for every age and every industry. For example workshop-days with children at schools or kindergardens, as well as seminars for companies, communities or organizations.

This holistic view, the connection between nutrition, fitness, mental balance and health was the main message we wanted to communicate with her design. Her facts and messages are surrounded by illustrations associated with her work and vision.

The corporate colors follow a culinarily approach: From curry safran yellow via mellow aubergine through to salty olive. The yellowish paper makes a smooth and tasty contrast.

Did we whet your appetite already? www.katharinalandl.at 

Project lead: Anna Fahrmaier; design: Stephan Kirsch, Anna Fahrmaier

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