Custom Type

The ultimate tool to provide a strong and consistent corporate identity is a custom typeface.

The corporate typeface can be based on an existing element like the company’s logo, but also be influenced by architectural elements of the company’s main office. However, Typejockeys can also start at zero and in a strong corporation with the client develop a typeface from scratch, which will be more likely the case for magazines newspapers and such. In every case a custom typeface by Typejockeys will fulfil several goals:

Homogeneous Identity

Tailored typefaces will fit into the corporate identity by being consistent with the overall design language of the company or product.

Language Support

The custom typeface will cover all languages, which are relevant for the company’s communication, depending on geographical disposition and extension plans.

Productional Needs

Whether your company intends to use the typeface for a high gloss fashion magazine or a daily newspaper, the custom type will be designed to fulfil perfect the legibility on every print substrate. (Assumed that readability is a goal of the brief.)

Software Compatibility

The custom typefaces will be delivered in the format providing maximum compatibility, whether the company is using Mac or PC. Typejockeys will also test the fonts in the software the company intends to use it, to provide perfect compatibility.

Showcase: Saubermacher

In addition to the logotype we redesigned for Saubermacher we developed a costom typeface to be used for headlines and advertising. With that in mind from the beginning we could manage to produce a custom face within a small amount of time.

Sketches for the Saubermacher custom typeface

Sketches are always the first step.

Working in FontLab

The letterforms are beeing drawn on the computer, kerned and hinted.

Alternative letterforms and ligatures

Due to modern OpenType techniques special features like alternate glyphs are possible.