TypeTalks 2010 in Brno


On June 21, the first TypeTalks symposium took place in Brno, Czech Republic.


I was invited to do a lecture for this purpose and I was happy to do so. 



Czech type design hero and organizer David Březina did a great job. The one-day symposium including further lecturers like Dan Reynolds, Veronika Burian, Florian Hardwig, Rob Keller, Dan Rhatigan and Tomáš Brousil was a full success for my taste. I can therefore only encourage everyone living anywhere close to the Czech Republic not to hesitate, when David is calling for the next TypeTalks in (most likely) 2012.


David, thanks for having us.

Learn more about TypeTalks at typetalks.com or read this article by Florian Hardwig