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Carabelle for Christmas!



If you’re still searching for the perfect Christmas font, search no more! Carabelle is cheerful and jolly! Sprinkle it on top of your Xmas layout, and let your client’s days be merry and bright! 



Trapl wine


Johannes Trapl is an established wine maker. Located in Stixneusiedl, he is successfully selling his award winning wines from California to Australia. Paying attention to every detail of wine making – up to his close relation to earthworms – is Johannes Trapl’s daily business. For his top product range he only went for the best. His best grapes season 2011–2012, traditionally stamped by feet. Resulting in seven premium wines, that are his personal statement to how a wine should taste!


Each of the seven labels uses a different complex typographic layout. A ton of handdrawn letters and frames adds to the rich details that make these bottles a pleasure to explore. Much like the complex notes, that a wine lover will appreciate about these wines. 


Even though, every wine has its own layout, the design concept is the same, producing a homogenous range, that is immediately recognizable in every wine rack.

Complementary wine boxes were designed to round up the whole product experience.


Trapl wines were awarded with the Joseph Binder Award 2014, category package design.

Find more pictures here. Or learn more about Trapl wines on the website.

Typejockeys for Nevertheless


We are really proud to be part of Nevertheless magazine’s issue 8! Thanks to atelier olschinsky for bringing that thing (you cannot call it magazine, nor catalog … it’s rather a T H I N G) into being! 

Nevertheless – the passion archive for places, spaces, art, work, people, projects, reading, writing, design, photo, graphic and illustration.


Our article starts with our motto: “Always work and think whole hearted. With or without serif.”, hand-drawn and especially made for this purpose. The scribbled version was not intended to be printed, but since it was looking so nice, natural and personal, we thought it fit perfectly.



Our eight page feature also includes a spread of letterings, as well as specimen pages of all of our type families.


Issue 8 not only features Typejockeys, but also atelier olschinsky / Siggi Hofer / Julian Palacz / Anna Paul / Wolfgang Ortner & Mark Sengstbratl / Susann Körner / Christoph Ruprecht / Mathias Klos / Judith Nika Pfeifer / Laurent Bompard / Lukas Meschik / Thomas Albdorf / Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber / Andreas Jakwerth / Martin Stöbich / Davor Gromilovic / Christian Reichhold / Lukas Dostal / Coma Studio / Büro für Mehr / Mark Neuner / Kohlmaier Wien / boicut / Katokami / Curio & Co. / David Mascha / Joluvian / Artuur Vandekerckhove / Peter Diamond / Stadtalphabet Wien

See more: and buy:

Photos by atelier olschinsky

Free Shots in October!


This October we’d like to treat you with a free Typejockeys Shots font for every font purchase. Just follow the payment process and fill in the free font of your choice. We’ll send it to you in no time!

Purchase any font on our website and get one of the following fonts for free:




But watch out: The magic ends on October 31!

PAGE magazine uses Ingeborg


PAGE is the biggest graphic design magazine in Germany as well as other German-speaking countries. It was relaunched in june 2014, with a complete redesign using Typejockey’s Ingeborg very prominently for headlines, quotes and italics.









PAGE seems to like Ingeborg so much, they even sneaked our serif heart in! *brofist*

Scheiß’ da nix!


After last year’s submission, we were again invited to take part in the stamp design competion by Die Presse and the Austrian post office. We were just informed that our submission didn’t make it to the final round. We still want to share it with you.

The topic was “Austria is moving after all”. We found this quirky Austrian saying, using a bit of a swear word in the beginning: “Scheiß’ da nix, sonst reißt a nix.” Freely translated: “Get your buttocks moving, or you won’t make it.

For those of you reading German, here is the full submission text:
Dies ist keine Aufforderung zu rücksichtslosem Verhalten, sondern ein Zuspruch sich am Fortschritt zu beteiligen. Initiatives Handeln als Gegenpol zur Mawuascht-Mentalität. Eine Ermutigung an sich zu glauben. Hinter Werten, Meinungen, neuen Ideen zu stehen – sich zu bewegen, um zu bewegen. Keine Angst zu haben, ins kalte Wasser zu springen. Andere zu bestärken, zu unterstützen und gemeinsam Neues zu entwickeln. Veränderung passiert sowieso, umso schöner wenn man sie mitgestalten darf!

Yummy! Design for Katharina Landl


Not only the way to the heart is through the stomach, also the way to healthiness and joy. That is what Katharina Landl, a qualified nutrition (and good friend of Typejockeys) stands for – and we totally agree with her. For good reason, we nearly every day cook lunch with fresh ingredients at our office. But that’s a first step, we’re actually working on improving this routine (with her help).

Katharina Landl supports you with solution-oriented methods for a gradual change of diet and lifestyle. She does workshops, seminars and lectures on the topics of nutrition and health, as well as individual nutrition counseling for every age and every industry. For example workshop days with children at schools or kindergardens, as well as seminars for companies, communities or organizations. 

This holistic view, the connection between nutrition, fitness, mental balance and health was the main message we wanted to communicate with her design. Her facts and messages are surrounded by illustrations associated with her work and vision. 

Not only the way to the heart is through the stomach, also the way to healthiness and joy. 
That is what Katharina Landl, a qualified dietician (and good friend of Typejockeys) stands for – and we totally agree with that. It’s not for nothing, that we cook nearly every day lunch with fresh food at our office.
This holistic view, the connection between nutrition, fitness, mental balance and health was the main message we wanted to communicate with her design: 



The corporate colors follow a culinarily approach: From curry safran yellow via mellow aubergine through to salty olive. The yellowish paper makes a smooth and tasty contrast.



Did we whet your appetite already? See more on the project here or contact her directly.

Who is Ruth Cerha?



She’s a successful author of three books, gives workshops for creative writing. She is a great piano player and teacher. She also is a seriously cool person to have around! Putting all aspects of Ruth Cerha in a design was challenging, with surprising outcomes: Doublesided letterpress business cards, printed by Herz & Co. One for the author, one for the piano teacher in her. Communicational centerpiece is the website, that – in the same way – devides the different aspects of her professional life.



Definitely buy her books! They are smart, funny and taboo-free.  

Live website: Consider reading her Blog, too.

Photos by Herz & Co. More pictures of the project here

Joseph Binder Award 2014


This year designaustria decided that, from now on, members and former nominees should take care
of the design for Joseph Binder Award – a biannual international award for graphic design and illustration. And we are quite happy to start that off!

Joseph Binder, the donor and name giver of this competition, was one of the pioneers of the so-called Viennese style of two-dimensionality and referred to himself as graphic designer at an early date. He was active in Austria between the two world wars and also revolutionized visual communication in the United States where he emigrated to.

Provided that we refer to Binder’s work somehow or other, there were no further conditions …


Impressed and inspired by his illustrations, we wanted to recreate and refresh this style, but with contemporary motifs. Motifs that invite graphic designers around the world to take part, in a warm and friendly way. Our first sketches, showing the two sujets, we were thinking of:


To simplify the illustration process, we decided to shoot the scenes, and having photos that serve as templates. So we did a quick photoshooting at our office. Michi, our yo!-pro!-photographer when it comes to quick photoshoots, brought out the van Trapps in Stephan and me.. 


After many hours in Illustrator, a lot of shadows, colour finishings and effects in Photoshop, this is the final artwork:



Two sujets, universally useable for different kind of media – such as the call for entries folder, stamps or posters. Arranged with clean typography in combination with our charming Sauber Script, the design brings out the nostalgic and friendly look we wanted.




Register online, send your projects and win an award! Good luck!

See more here.

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